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The Kennel Club Anti-Gorge Feeding Bowl

Available in 2 Sizes & 3 Colours The Kennel Club Anti-Gorge Feeding Bowl

Anti-gorge feeding bowls are recommended because the bowls design slows down the pace of eating. Fast eating (also known as inhalation eating) has been linked to some digestive problems.

Many dog owners have concerns regarding how rapidly their pet eats and what can be done about it. Problems range from burping to gagging and even regurgitating or vomiting food shortly after eating. Labradors and Golden Retrievers are classic examples of food-orientated dogs; however, these are not the only breeds known to eat at an alarming speed. The main benefit to slowing a dog's eating pace, is that a dog that takes more time to eat will swallow less air.

An anti-gorge feeding bowl is a cost effective way to prevent inhalation eating, decrease canine anxiety, reduce indigestion, and promote positive eating behaviour. When comparing an anti-gorge bowl to a conventional bowl, there is a considerable difference in the time taken to eat the same meal. The bowl works by simply prohibiting dogs from taking large bites of food, making them chew, pause and digest. This results in a slower more relaxed feeding time.

To help pet owners combat rapid food ingestion, it is suggested that the dog should have two meals a day rather than one large meal a day. This routine combined with the anti-gorge feeding bowl could go a long way towards reducing many of the unpleasant effects associated with rapid food intake.

This information is purely advisory always consult your vet.

The Kennel Club anti-gorge feeding bowl is available in the sizes & colours shown below:

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