Scruffs Accessory Bundle

Accessory Bundle

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The Scruffs® Snuggle Blanket is a great gift for any dog owner. The reversible design provides a soft, plush lining for cold snuggle days and a faux suede cover for warmer days. The blankets' hollow fibre core means however you decide to use the blanket your pet will remain comfortable.

Scruffs® Noodle Drying Mat & Mitts are extremely absorbent, effortlessly soaking up excess water and moisture after a wet and muddy walk.

Micro-fibre chenille is used to produce the 'noodles'. The micro-fibre material is made from millions of textured, ultrafine strands woven together to achieve a surface area that is much greater than the actual size of the each product. This vast surface area gives each product its’ super-absorbent properties, soaking up water just like a sponge, as well as improving airflow, this means drying time is greatly reduced.

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Note: Bundle includes 1 x Scruffs® Snuggle Blanket, 1 x Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mat & 1 x Scruffs® Noodle Dry Mitt in the colours shown only.

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