Luxurious Pet Bedding by Scruffs®

Founded in 2005, Scruffs® is now firmly established as one of Europe's leading brands of luxury pet bedding and accessories. Based in Manchester, England, Scruffs® (for dogs) and Tramps® (for cats) focus on producing premium bedding for pets. Combining a huge variety of high-end fabrics more commonly found in home furnishings with a colour palette that reflects the most current global Home Textile and Fashion trends, Scruffs® pet beds seamlessly fit into any modern home decor.

Innovation is a key platform of the Scruffs® philosophy. From self-heating fabrics to orthopaedic memory foam fills, from 100% recycled bedding made from plastic bottles to self-cooling gels, Scruffs® has a comprehensive and diverse range that ticks every box, for every dog and cat.

Balmoral Boot/Travel Bed
Balmoral Boot/Travel Bed £49.99
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Cashmere Donut bed
Cashmere Donut bed from £24.99
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Cool Mat
Cool Mat from £19.99
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Wilton Pet/Dog Carrier
Wilton Pet/Dog Carrier £24.99
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