3 Tips for Dog Owners During the Coronavirus Pandemic

3 Tips for Dog Owners During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you and your dog going a bit stir-crazy while stuck at home during the COVID 19 crisis? This article explores some great ways to get your dog thinking, moving, and resting well during these difficult times.

#1: Get Your Dog Thinking

Just like people, dogs are intelligent social animals who need mental stimulation to thrive. The boredom and cabin fever that people are feeling during this time is also a challenge for our furry friends, particularly if regular outlets such as walks, visit with other dogs, and travel have been disrupted from Coronavirus quarantine and social distancing.

Here are a few ideas to help your dog stretch their mind without leaving the house:

Positive Reinforcement Based Training

There is no better way to exercise Fido’s grey matter than teaching him a new trick. Search for how to teach a fun trick using reward based dog training online. The added benefit of going this route is that you also get to learn some new skills that will serve you and your dog for the long haul.

PRO TIP: If your dog is overweight, chances are they are highly food motivated. Rather than training with high calorie treats, consider using some of their regular kibble ration spiked with a small amount of cooked chicken to make reward based learning fun and healthy.

Find It!

This game is a great one for dogs who enjoy using their sniffer to navigate their world. Simply hide a favorite toy and ask your dog to find it, making a big deal when your dog successfully finds their toy.

The trick to getting this game rolling is to make it very easy for your dog to find the toy at first, making it more challenging as you go along. Nothing motivates a dog more than success and praise so be sure to rig the game so that success is attainable.

Smart Doggy Toys

These days there are a slew of specially designed Doggy Einstein Toys can help to occupy your dog’s mind and keep her from going stir crazy during COVID 19 quarantine. The nice thing about using these toys is that it will keep your dog busy without requiring much focus on your part, freeing you up to put your attention on working from home or caring for loved ones.

#2: Get Your Dog Moving

Hide and Seek

This fun and easy to play dog game is one that can be adapted for either the backyard or inside your house or apartment. This game works best if you have two or more people sheltering in place in your home. And, it does double duty by keeping the kids involved – even youngsters as young as 5 can play this game.

Start by having everyone stand in a large circle in your living room or den, each with a small bag of your dog’s kibble with a few treats added in to keep things interesting. Take turns calling your pooch and lavishing them with praise and a food reward when they come.

Increase the difficulty slowly by moving into other rooms and even hiding to add challenge to this fun game!

Indoor Obstacle Course

If your normal dog exercise routine has been disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic, then it is important to find new ways to offer your dog indoor exercise options. If you have a particularly athletic breed, then it can be a real challenge to offer a good workout inside.

Consider building an indoor obstacle course using every day household items and furniture. For example:

• Build some jumps down a long hallway
• Use an old sheet to make a tunnel obstacle
• Use a towel on the floor to create a “down” mat

String your obstacles together into a course and let your creative juices flow! Remember to keep the training fun and energetic to get the most out of this fun game.

#3: Treat Your Dog to Some Extra Comfort

Finally, another way to keep your dog calm and happy at home during the COVID 19 crisis is to consider treating them to a new bed. Our luxury dog beds are made with superior craftsmanship, are extra durable, and are styled to fit any home décor.

If you are enjoying some binge TV during to pass the time while staying home, make sure your dog has a comfortable place to join you for some extended down time.

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