Does your dog's bed match your home decor?

February 04, 2019

Scruffs Chester Box Bed, Puppy Image

Does your dog's bed match your home decor? 

Does your current ped bed match the decor of your home? Is this something you would like to achieve or change this February? 

As well as offering beds with an "added-function", Scruffs® beds combine a huge variety of high-end fabrics, which are actually more commonly found in home furnishings. As this colour palette reflects global Home Textile & Fashion trends, our pet beds seamlessly fit into any home decor. 

Scruffs® bedding boasts a vast selection of woven fabric, oxford nylons, faux leathers and fleeces.

Some highlights from the Scruffs® "fashion" range include the Chester, Windsor & Ellen pet bed collections.

Please click on the respective product names for further information.

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