Puppy Bed Shopping this February?

Puppy Bed Shopping this February?

Scruffs® have recently introduced a brand new collection of bedding for puppies, small dog breeds and cats. 

Developed using fabrics, ropes and other contemporary materials, the new Scruffs® for Small Dog & Cats collection is unique, modern and slick.

Scruffs Rustic Wooden Bed

Pictured: Scruffs® Rustic Wooden Bed is designed using a contemporary wooden box, with a lowered curved entrance for easy accessibility.

Scruffs Haven Rope Bed

Pictured: Scruffs® Haven Rope Bed is produced using a soft felt rope, woven to form the tapered shape of the outer basket.

Scruffs Habitat Felt Bed

Pictured: Scruffs® Habitat Bed is produced using a luxurious felt fabric, constructed using a lattice technique to form the outer.



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