Scruffs® Offers Charitable Support to Animal Homes

Scruffs® Offers Charitable Support to Animal Homes

As part of a 'giving back' initiative, Manchester-based pet bed specialists Scruffs® have donated over 150 of their best-selling Snuggle Blankets, to various animal rehoming charities around the UK.

Scruffs® has donated to the following centres recently: Manchester Dogs Home, Merseyside Dogs Home, North Clywd Animal Rescue, North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue, Mayhew Animal Home, Labrador Rescue, Animal Rescue Cumbria, Brinsley Animal Rescue, Whitby Dog Rescue, Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home, Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels, Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, Dumfriesshire & Cumbria Greyhound Rescue, Eden Animal Rescue Centre, Wolfwood Wildlife & Dog Rescue.

Maria Markey, Head of Kennels at the Mayhew Animal Home says: “Our dogs absolutely love curling up on their new snuggle blankets– they’re so soft and cosy! We can’t thank Scruffs enough for their incredibly kind donation.”

Scruffs® Offers Charitable Support

The lovely Peaches from Mayhew Animal Home, who is currently looking for her forever home.

Alongside this, Scruffs® has donated to and/or supported pet events and show days with the following organisations in March:

- Northern SBT Rescue
- Labrador Rescue
- Yorkshire Cat Rescue
- Golden Retriever Rescue
- Large Breed Dog Rescue UK
- Langford Animal Hospital
- Dogs for Good
- Oak Tree Animals
- Ward End Cat Rescue

Scruffs® welcome the opportunity to support fundraising events nationwide to help registered charities improve the welfare of pets less fortunate than our own. To see how we can help, please contact us at:

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