#ScruffsLoves: Recommendations for February 2017

#ScruffsLoves: Recommendations for February 2017

This month, we're highlighting the follow products are our February must-haves! The Scruffs Water-Resistant Expedition Box Bed, the Self-Heating Quilted Thermal Jacket, the stylish & plush Edinburgh Mattress & the Orthopaedic Milan Collection.

The Scruffs® Expedition box beds are the ideal solution for dogs that enjoy outdoor pursuits such as beach walking and muddy forest trails. These beds are produced using a heavy-duty, 600-denier fabric, providing a robust, durable outer cover. The reverse side of the fabric is coated with a 100% water resistant backing to prevent the ingress of water. The same backing is applied to the beds non-slip base. 

Scruffs® Thermal dog Jacket provides warmth to your dog’s muscles on those brisk morning walks. A soft shell exterior gives excellent protection against wind and rain, while retaining its breathable qualities. Our reflective technology lining, combined with a hollow fibre core maximises the dog jackets thermal properties. A fleece collar and chest pad provide greater comfort, improved fitment and allow unrestricted movement.

The Scruffs® Edinburgh dog mattress offers superior comfort, luxurious touch and sophisticated design. The beds are upholstered with a stylish woven outer fabric, combined with a contrasting arctic plush lining and finished with a faux leather logo patch.

The Scruffs® Milan Orthopaedic Mattress collection forms part of our memory series of orthopaedic dog beds. These dog beds are ideally suited to older dogs, larger breeds or pets that require more support for their joints, back or body. The beds are filled with crumb memory foam, these dense particles mould to the dogs shape, achieving an ultimate level of support. 

To find out more information, including sizing and pricing, please click here or visit the www.petslovescruffs.com home page.

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