The Summer Collection is Here!

The Summer Collection is Here!

It's official. Our Summer Collection is now available to get your paws on. Featuring, self-cooling, insect-repelling and beds with breathable fabric, the Scruffs® Summer Collection is the ideal choice to keep your pet content during the hot season.

Casablanca & Florence

These collections are designed with the same fabric, and all feature the benefit of breathable technology. The difference between the three is the colour!

The Casablanca dog bed collection & Florence box beds are designed using a Mediterranean theme, and are upholstered in a soft breathable poly-cotton fabric, and finished with a self-coloured piping & Scruffs® TPR logo.

Scruffs Casablanca Dog Box BedScruffs Casablanca Pet Mattress

Pictured: The Scruffs Casablanca Collection

The Self-Cooling Collection...

Scruffs® Cooling Collection is designed to provide relief for your pet during the summer months. 

Many pets can suffer from the heat during hot summer months. The Scruffs® Cool Dog Bed features a foam base for enhanced comfort and support, along with a breathable 3D mesh for improved air flow. The bed is designed to provide relief for your pet.

Scruffs® Cool Dog Bed side walls are constructed with an integral 100% recycled green fibre fill, this provides greater cushioning characteristics and enhanced durability during washing. To clean the mat simply wipe the cover with a cloth and soapy water, then rinse with clean water before use. The cover only is machine washable only using a mild detergent. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

The inner Self-Cooling Mat is filled with a non-toxic gel, and will be typically 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. When in use, the mat will maintain its cooling properties for approximately 1hr depending upon the environment. To reset the mats cooling properties simply leave unused for 1hr, there is no need to freeze or refrigerate.

Scruffs Cool Bed

Pictured: The Scruffs Cool Dog Bed

The Insect Shield® Collection of insect-repelling dog bedding and accessories...

Scruffs® have partnered with Insect Shield® to develop a collection of pet bedding and accessories, using Insect Shield® built-in insect protection. The active ingredient is odourless and invisible, effectively protecting your dog against: Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Flies & Ants.

Available in the following styles of bedding; pet mattress, soft-walled bed, blanket and crate mat. Available in the following accessory styles; doggy snood, doggy bandana and dog vest. 

Scruffs Insect Shield Dog Vest

Pictures: Scruffs® Insect Shield® Dog Vest


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