Top 5 Tips to Keep your Dog Warm during Winter

Top 5 Tips to Keep your Dog Warm during Winter

The cold season can be a particularly tough time for your four-legged friend, and they should be protected from the elements at all costs. We've compiled a list of the top tips to keeping your dog cosy and comfortable during the winter:


Certain breeds are privileged enough to have thick fur which naturally keeps them warm. However, dogs with thinner coats may need a sweater when out for those brisk winter walks. 


Spend time playing outdoors with your pet when it's sunny, and if they feel the cold, avoid walking them in early mornings and late evenings when the weather is at it's coldest. Walking them when it's sunny and slightly warmer not only helps to avoid chill, but provides both them and you with Vitamin D. 


Dogs can dehydrate just as easy in winter as summer. Make sure dogs have access to water and ensure this is checked thoroughly for a build up of ice and snow.

Taking care of paws:

Dogs are not immune from suffering from cracked pads in the winter. To prevent ice buildup, trim the hair which grows between their pads frequently. Additionally, rinse your dog's paws to remove any salt and grit from the ground.

Providing outdoor shelter:

Provide your pet with a doghouse or another kind of shelter during moderate temperatures. This way when the weather turns colder, they are used to sleeping inside and learn to seek shelter there to stay out of the elements. 

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