Why Should I Choose a Thermal Bed?

Why Should I Choose a Thermal Bed?

Does your dog suffer from the cold during winter? If so, the Scruffs® Thermal Self-Heating bed could be the answer you're looking for.

Designed with a foam layer, which is backed with reflective foil, Scruffs® Thermal Beds offer optimum comfort and warming properties. To achieve this, the reflective foil layer is sandwiched between quilted polyester fibres and the beds' fill. This technology traps body heat, and thus, reflects it back to your pet. 

The quilted hollow fibre lies beneath a super soft fleece cover, this layer also holds warm air around your pet, providing added insulation. 

Scruffs Thermal Self-Heating Bed

Scruffs® manufacturers many products designed with this technology. Including; Mattresses, Box Beds, Blankets, Mats and Quilted Jackets.

Scruffs® Thermal Self Heating Pet Beds and Jackets are particularly suitable for pets who suffer from arthritis, young and ill pets or just those that enjoy the extra warmth provided.

For more information, including pricing and availability, please click here to be redirected to the Scruffs® Thermal Collection page. 

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