Winter Pests to Look Out For

Winter Pests to Look Out For

The nights are longer, the days are colder... You could be forgiven for thinking that most insects are in hibernation until March-time. However, there are still pests which dog owners have to be wary of during the winter months. 

It is claimed that fleas, ticks and other pests can actually be year-round tormentors for dogs.

Advice from The American Kennel Club, states the following: “Due to changing climatic conditions, flea and tick ‘seasonality’ also is changing,” Dryden says. “Experience over the past 10 years shows every year has the potential to differ from the previous year.”

It’s vital to be “proactive, not reactive” in dealing with these pests, veterinarian Kathleen Heaney, of Merck Animal Health, says. Merck has introduced a novel topical treatment, Activyl, containing a chemical turned on by an enzyme in the flea’s gut.

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