Innovation is a key platform for the Scruffs philosophy. We embrace new technology within our products, providing pets and owners with enhanced functionality throughout our range of dog beds.

100% Recycled
Many of our products use a green fibre fill made from 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The raw PET polymer material is provided by recycled plastic bottles, helping to reduce the burden on our landfills and natural resources. The same PET material is used to produce the fleece and oxford fabrics used to create our ECO collection of dog and cat bedding.

Water Resistant

An important attribute for pets that enjoy outdoor life. Our water resistant dog beds use oxford fabric with a waterproof membrane bonded to the reverse side of the material, providing a water resistant barrier. We also use a separate water resistant liner with our orthopaedic dog beds to protect the beds fill. Examples of this technology can be found in our Expedition and Memory dog bedding collections.

Dense Memory Crumb Fill

Developed for senior dogs and large breeds our crumb fill is produced using dense memory foam particles. These particles provide the support and movement required to mould to the shape of your pets body providing an unmatched level of support. As used throughout our Memory collection of dog bedding.


The concept of our self-heating dog beds is simple, to provide added warmth for your pet without the need for an external power supply or heat pad. We achieve this by using a foam backed foil layer inside the dog bed, to reflect your pets own body heat. A quilted fibre top layer further insulates your pet by trapping pockets of warm air close to the body. This technology is used with our Thermal bedding collection.


Our self-cooling products use a water and non-toxic gel solution to provide cooling properties for your pet. The beds are constructed using channels filled with the cooling solution to provide a surface typically 5 – 10 degrees cooler than room temperature as well as adequate support. There is no need refrigerate or freeze these products.


Designed to help eliminate nasty smells, the anti-odour treatment is applied to fabric using a silver technology treatment. This wash resistant process eliminates up to 99.9% of odours within 24hrs.


This feature helps to promote the wellbeing of your pet in a clean bacteria free environment. This is achieved using a silver technology to embed the treatment into the fabric. The result is a 99.9% reduction of bacteria within 24hrs. The material can be washed without loosing the anti-bacterial properties.