4 Ways to Ensure Your Dog is Always Safe and Sound

4 Ways to Ensure Your Dog is Always Safe and Sound

There are endless responsibilities which come with being a dog mom or dad. In addition to keeping their health in order, you need to keep them safe and sound at all times. Dogs are smart animals that have a certain level of street smarts, but they will still need ample guidance and help from you to prevent completely avoidable accidents and other not-so-nice situations. 

Fortunately, it’s quite straightforward to ensure your dog is always safe and sound. You just need to keep some expert tips in mind. From preventing fleas to ensuring your dog can be returned to you if they get lost, we’ve outlined 4 of the most effective (and easiest!) ones to follow.  

Start Using Preventative Flea Medicine

If you’ve ever dealt with a dog with fleas, you’ll know that it’s one of the most troublesome problems to fix. This is why prevention is far better than cure when it comes to dogs and fleas. Despite how easy preventative flea medicine is to administer, it’s relatively low price, and—most importantly—how beneficial it is in maintaining your dog’s health, many dog owners don’t use it. 

Perhaps one of the reasons why is because they erroneously think that their dog won’t catch fleas if they haven’t been to a flea-infested area. The thing is, dogs can catch fleas not only from their surroundings but other animals and even humans. If you want to help your dog avoid the discomfort and other undesirable effects of getting fleas, be sure to get in the habit of using flea medicine, as per the directions provided on the packet. 

Carry Them in a Dog Carrier 

Do you get nervous just thinking about your small dog weaving in and out of crowds in busier areas of your neighborhood or during trips to more densely-populated areas? Or are there times when you simply need to take your dog from point A to point B without a fuss? While it’s important for your dog to get adequate exercise every day in order to remain fit and healthy, there are a range of situations where you may wish to carry them in a dog carrier instead.   

Dog carriers provide you with a means of easily carrying your small dog around. They are designed to be both comfortable for both you and your dog to use. The best ones have ample lining to make your pooch’s journey as pleasant as possible, as well as nifty features for dog parents like adjustable shoulder straps.  

Ensure They’re Wearing an ID Tag at All Times

It may seem like common sense to recommend dog owners to ensure their dogs are always wearing an ID tag. However, Safe Sound Pet’s pet expert Angela Stringfellow shares that it’s more common than you’d think for dogs to run about without an ID tag. “Putting an ID tag on your dog’s collar is essential as it not only identifies them as a pet rather than a stray, but it also allows for your dog to be safely returned to you if they go missing.”

“Some dog owners think it’s enough for their dog to just have a collar. But a collar won’t inform someone who finds them how they can contact you.” Think about it: it’s already an awful feeling whenever your dog runs away or you can’t find them.

Don’t make it even harder on yourself by needing to wonder how on earth your dog will find their way back to you. If your dog is currently without an ID tag, you can either easily make and attach one to their existing collar, or buy a new collar that already comes with one that’s ready to engrave. 

Prepare for Colder Days and Nights

Most of the time, your dog’s coat will protect them against the elements, but they may need some extra protection on colder days and nights. Putting a thermal dog jacket on them is an easy way to warm them up even when it’s particularly chilly out. Well-designed dog jackets are not only insulated, but they also offer protection against wind and rain. 

What’s more, they look great on your dog too! Whether you choose an eye-catching patterned design or a block colour like burgundy, you’re sure to find a design you love. So if you want to help your dog avoid a nasty case of the sniffles, consider buying a thermal dog jacket so it’s ready when you need it!

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