Cleaning Those Muddy Paws

Cleaning Those Muddy Paws, from

As you have probably experienced first hand, your favourite walking spot can quickly transition into a muddy swamp after a rain shower.

This might give you the horrors, but your dog will be relishing the chance to splash around in the mud.

So, how can you keep your carpet clean after a muddy walk? Are there any steps to take which can prevent your dog from getting so dirty to begin with?

Before you leave the house

Trim your dog's hair - One easy step you can take before you even leave the house is trimming your dog’s hair. If your dog has long hair around their underside or their legs you can shorten this hair so your dog won’t get so muddy during a wet walk. The best way to achieve this is by going to a professional groomer. They will have performed similar procedures many times before.

Plan your walk route based on the weather - There will be certain routes that become very muddy when it rains. Unfortunately, if you haven’t planned alternative routes beforehand it is quite likely that you’ll just end up taking the same route during rainy conditions (even though a different route may have been drier). A dry day is the perfect time to discover new routes that will help your dog stay clean during the wet weather.

Consider buying your dog some winter clothes - There are lots of other owners who’ve realised that dogs get muddy. As a result, there are specially designed dog clothes to protect your dog during the muddy walks. Before ordering, it is advisable to measure your pet to get an idea of size. Your dog should be comfortable and their movement should not be restricted by the garment.

After the walk...

The dog shower - If you don’t want to let your dog in the house when they are muddy (we don’t blame you!) then you’ll need to hose your dog down before you let them inside. While hosing your dog down on a hot day might be a refreshing treat, in the middle of winter this experience will be very unpleasant for your dog. For this reason, it’s best to leave a bucket of warm water outside the door so you can wash your dog before you go inside.

Invest in a suitable bed - After cleaning your dog, you may want to allow them time outside to dry off or relax, especially if it's a hot day. Our Expedition Collection of pet bedding is water-resistant, and designed with a super durable fabric for even to most hyper of dogs. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use to ensure your pets' bed isn't ruined after one muddy walk. 

Clean your dog's paws - If you don’t want dirty paw prints all over your sofa then it’s a good idea to clean your dog’s paws thoroughly as soon as they walk through the floor. You’ll want your dog to sit and offer up their paws on command. Ideally, you’ll need to teach your dog to do this when they are young. Wipe their paws with a wet towel and check thoroughly between their toes to ensure no mud is trapped there.

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