Do you have cats & dogs in the same house?

Do you have cats & dogs in the same house?

Despite being portrayed as enemies, cats and dogs can actually get along if under the right circumstances. 

Preparation is key...


If you are introducing a new cat or dog to a living environment, it is advisory to provide a safe area which the other animal will not be able to access. This is so your new pet can adjust to their new surroundings. 

In this area, it is recommended to keep the essentials - a bed, food, water and even a litter tray to promote confidence.

Further to this, stair gates can be a useful tool as they will allow both animals to smell each other safely. 

Those first introductions...

Where this takes place will depend upon the lay out of your house, but ensure that the animal has an easy route back to their ‘safe area’. If your dog gets excited easily, then first introductions are best carried out after exercise, when your dog is likely to be calm.

One of the most important rules of introducing cats and dogs is to make sure that the dog is prevented from chasing the cat. Even if your dog does not want to hurt your cat, your cat will feel threatened and unlikely to want to be anywhere near your dog in future! 

Keep these initial interactions short at first and try to end on a positive note. 

For more information, please click here to be redirected to the Blue Cross for advise.


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