Meet Poppy, The Golden Retriever With a Difference...

Meet Poppy, The Golden Retriever With a Difference...

Last week, we had the privilege of meeting Rachel and golden retriever pup, Poppy. Poppy is a pup with a difference.

Originally from The Rescue Trust of North West Golden Retriever Club, Poppy was listed as having a potential "neurological" problem, something in which vets couldn't properly diagnose at the time (this was in August 2019). 

"She is a happy, cheeky puppy with a delightful personality, and we are looking for a very special home for her in the North West" read the opening line of the profile on the Rescue Trust's website. 

However, the extent of the problem was not yet known, and the Rescue Trust added the following: "The plan is to wait a few weeks to give her a chance to develop further, and if the vets think it is necessary, she will have an MRI scan, which the Rescue Trust will fund."

Now-owner Rachel explained the journey that they had been on when it came to getting Poppy, and looking after her health:

"I messaged the Rescue Trust and said we would we be able to help. Poppy arrived a few days later. What can I say? She was the tiniest 7-week old puppy i had ever seen. She was very wobbly, had poorly eyes and a skin infection. We took her to the vets straight away. We started off with good food, aling with her medication. Slowly but surely she started to put weight on. Naturally, due to weight gain, she actually started to get even more wobbly!" 

"So we improvised. We filled the bath, and created our own hydrotherapy sessions designed to strengthen her muscles. We did this every other day."

"Our vet was puzzled. Two weeks had passed, and Poppy seemed to be getting stronger. We went for another appointment, to which our vet Mandy said: 'Rachel, I think she might be just a little delayed in her development, keep doing what you're doing and come back in another week'. 

Meet Poppy, the Pup With a Difference

"The Rescue Trust were amazing. To take a puppy with such a devastating outlook demonstrated the true values of the Rescue. I should also say, at the time they committed to taking Poppy, they already had a hefty vet bill and had other dogs who needed MRI scans. This on average is £2,000 per scan."

"We knew that whatever the outcome with her health, this would be Poppy's forever home."

"Then we had the Scruffs opportunity. I thought that maybe we could help with the rescue, with some nice photos and share far and wide."

"We were then donated a Scruffs bed which we gave to the Rescue Trust to raffle off to help with the vet bills. The Rescue Trust of North West Golden Retriever Club is a small rescue, and Pat travels far and wind to collect and takes dogs to new homes, to vets etc. Her determination to ensure that every dog in her care gets everything they need is amazing to see."

"There are lots of rescues out there, but not many would have done what they did for sure." 

Please click here or on one of the above links to find out more about the incredible work undertaken by The Rescue Trust of North West Golden Retriever Club

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  • Barbara on

    So pleased poppy is doing so well, all thanks to the rescue trust of nwgrc for rescuring her you do fantastic work

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