The Top 5 Pet Health Tips for Autumn

The Top 5 Pet Health Tips for Autumn

The seasons are changing again. The colourfulness, crisp mornings and potentially early snowfall are all rife at this time of year. It's actually a great time to get out of the house with your pet.

For dogs, there's nothing like sprawling through fallen leaves in the midday sun. However, when it comes to keeping your pet at the pinnacle of health, there are some important things to consider.

Keep an eye out for ticks

That's right folks, ticks are not going away just because there's a slight chill in the air. Actually, unknown to some, certain species of ticks can actually ride out the autumn, surviving well into early winter by combatting the frost.

A few tips to keep your pet tick-free are as follows:

  • Eliminate environments where they are likely to survive, usually in leaf and garden litter.
  • Check for ticks on a regular basis
  • Continue to use Insect repelling products, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors

Feeding your pet right

Colder nights = more energy required. Feeding your pet correctly during this time is imperative to maintain their health during colder climes. Before deciding what's best for your pet, we would recommend consulting with a vet first as every pet's needs differ.

Beware of chocolate and sweets

Autumn and winter are parallel to the biggest holiday seasons of the year. During this time, humans increase the intake of heavy foods ans sweets. It is important that your pets don't have access to foods which can make them sick. For dogs, this means that chocolates, grapes and raisins are off limits as they are toxic. 

Be mindful of anti-freeze products

As this time of year sees the return of colder nights and mornings, many people tend to use autumn to get their vehicles ready for the upcoming winter months. This involves the use of antifreeze, which can be deadly for pets. 

The issue in antifreeze is a little something called ethylene glycol, it's a substance which has a sticky-sweet smell, enticing pets to sniff and potentially consume. It is very important to clear up any spillages as soon as possible, and ensure your pets steer clear of the area where you are working on your vehicle.

Be careful with decorations

Holidays and decorations go hand-in-hand. However, do be mindful of leaving sharp and irregularly shaped objects around the house. Dogs and cats have a habit of sampling anything new, so ensure the area is kept tidy when putting those festive pieces up! 


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