Scruffs® Announces New Partnership with LaserPet UK

Scruffs® Announces New Partnership with LaserPet UK

Manchester-based pet bedding suppliers Scruffs® have announced a new partnership with laser therapy company LaserPet.

LaserPet was founded by registered Veterinary Nurse Lauren Keenan to bring her experience and the benefits of low level laser therapy to the animals of the North West of England.

LaserPet has invested in a K-Laser, the most advanced and effective class IV therapy laser platform in the world. Class IV is the highest class of therapeutic laser available.

Lauren, founder of LaserPet, said: "I have always had a passion for helping animals live healthier and happier lives and this passion led me to become a qualified veterinary nurse back in 2011. I have worked in local practices, larger hospitals and locum work in both the UK and USA.

I first became interested in low level laser therapy during my time working in a veterinary hospital in the USA, where a large proportion of veterinary practices use laser therapy to improve their patients’ health and wellbeing for a wide variety of conditions. I saw first-hand the difference this non-invasive therapy was making to patient lives and became interested in improving my knowledge and skills in this area. This passion and experience has led me to create LaserPet, to be able to bring this therapy to more of the North West's beloved four legged family members.

I am an experienced horse owner, although currently taking a break from ownership to concentrate on LaserPet. Eric the whippet is a very important member of our family, he also joined us on our adventures to the USA. I look forward to meeting all my LaserPet clients and their lovely pets and equine partners."

LaserPet Therapy

LaserPet K-Laser therapy is performed by accomplished and qualified Veterinary Nurse Lauren Keenan, with years of in-practice experience offering K-Laser therapy. Lauren is a certified K-Laser practitioner.

A spokesperson for Scruffs® said: "We are excited to confirm our partnership with LaserPet. Laser therapy goes hand-in-hand with several Scruffs® bedding collections, including our orthopaedic and thermal beds which offer enhanced muscular support and aid recovery. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing different types of content to explain how our partnership can benefit pet owners across the UK." 

As part of the new partnership, any bookings made with LaserPet using a Scruffs® referral code will automatically be given 25% discount code to use on the website.

For more information, and to book an appointment, please click here to book an appointment, and quote "SCRUFFS" to benefit from 25% off your next online purchase at

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