Scruffs® Celebrate POS Award Win

Scruffs® Celebrate POS Award Win

Manchester-based luxury pet bedding manufacturers Scruffs® have won Pet Product Marketing’s Retailer Recommended Awards 2018 for POS & Shop Fitting of the Year.

Scruffs® have spent many months developing point-of-sale (POS) and retailer support schemes for their customers around the globe, resulting in dedicated display packages and new FSDU’s for in-store use.

Scruffs® offer POS material to complement its functional bedding ranges, these are; Orthopaedic memory foam, ArmourDillo, Eco 100% recycled, Expedition water-resistant, Insect Shield, Thermal bedding, Thermal jackets and the new Cooling collection for 2018.

POS support material is available in the following simple, but effective styles; header cards, shelf edge strips and shelf wobblers. Each element is fully branded and re-enforces the USP’s of functional products. Header cards feature a lifestyle image to attract attention from afar, shelf edge strips offer more information for closer viewing, whilst the shelf wobblers offer the most product detail and are designed to be read close-up.

Alongside its POS material, Scruffs® also develop a series of display shippers for lines which are considered to be FMCG. Typically, FSDU’s are available for pet mattresses, blankets and drying mats across the Scruffs® range. To implement, retail staff simply remove the front cut-out and top flaps, before slotting the header card into place to create an effective retail display. As with the dedicated POS material, Scruffs display shippers are fully branded and feature a lifestyle image and perforated opening for optimum product viewing. Across the range, Scruffs® offers up to 14 FSDU’s for both function and fashion-based products.

Head of Marketing, Adrian Bartlett said: “We are delighted to have picked up the PPM Retailer Recommended Award for our dedicated POS support material. We’d like to offer our thanks to those involved on the project, who dedicated months of research, design and marketing to achieve the quality of material we have today. Additionally, we’d like to thank the vast amount of retailers who voted for us, we hope our POS material is adding value within your stores and outlets across the country.”

For more information on any Scruffs® dedicated POS material and FSDU’s, or for general enquiries, please contact the Scruffs® marketing team on or via phone using +44 (0) 161 702 5060.

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