Scruffs® Launches In-Store POS with Jollye's®


Scruffs® Launches In-Store POS with Jollye's®

Manchester-based pet bed specialists Scruffs® have launched in-store POS schemes in conjunction with their new Insect Shield® range at Jollye's® The Pet Superstore.

The POS is designed to visually sell the product's USP's to the consumer, in three simple but effective formats. The new display shelving includes Shelf Header's, Shelf Edge Strips and Shelf Wobblers, to help promote the new range in stores. 

The message is repeated and thus re-enforced across all three formats, giving the consumer all the necessary information about the benefits of this new range in a clear and simple design. 

Scruffs® and Jollye's® have spent the last three months working on the display's, and are confident they have found the winning formula to maximise sales in stores up and down the country.

Scruffs® has begun rolling out its POS display shelving at several Jollye's® outlets across the country. Pictured here and above: Jollye's® Bristol

Scruffs® have partnered with Insect Shield® to develop this range of bedding and accessories with Insect Shield® built-in protection. The technology provides effective, invisible and odourless protection, and is designed to effectively protect pets against; Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks & Flies. This technology used by more than 50 brands worldwide across various industries. 

Gary Abbott, UK Sales Manager at Scruffs® said, "It's great to see that the launch of our new Insect Shield® range is now complete with the inclusion of in-store POS at selected Jollye's® Superstores stores in the UK. We are confident this POS will help to promote our newest range in a simple but effective manner." 

For more information or for general enquiries, please contact the Scruffs® marketing team on +44 (0) 161 702 5060.

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