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Scruffs® Offer Support to Several Charities in July

August 05, 2017

Scruffs® Offer Support to Several Charities in July

Manchester-based pet bed specialists Scruffs® have donated a number of items from their expansive bedding collection to various charities and pet organisations around the country last month.

In July, Scruffs® donated items to the following charities:

  • Lurcher Summer Auction
  • Oakwood Dog Rescue
  • Cornwall & South Devon Boer Rescue
  • Sues Cat Rescue
  • Barking Mad Dog Rescue
  • Croydon Cats Protection
  • Friends for Pets Cardiff
  • Greyhound Walks

Scruffs® welcome the opportunity to support fundraising events nationwide to help registered charities improve the welfare of pets less fortunate than our own. To see how we can help, please contact us at:

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