The 5 Best Tips for Pet Owners this Autumn

The 5 Best Tips for Pet Owners this Autumn

As the seasons change as we transition into longer nights, short days and yellow leaves, there are important steps to take to ensure your dog is kept safe and comfortable during colder climes.

Staying visible when walking

You may not always have the choice of walking your dog during daylight hours at this time of year, so it is recommend to get some reflective or high-visibility clothing for you and your pet when out walking. This is to stay visible to drivers, cyclists and other road users and pedestrians. 

Be mindful of grit

One of the key changes at this time of year is the surface in which your dog will be walking on. With the introduction of grit (rock salt), it is important to remember to always clean your dogs paws and feet thoroughly after a walk.

Grit can cause dehydration, and in worse cases, liver failure. 

The 5 Best Tips for Pet Owners this Autumn

Maintaining your dog's healthy weight

Given the changes to the environment and temperature, our dogs' walks are naturally a lot shorter during the autumn and winter months. This could increase their risk of weight gain during this time. 

Preventative measures for this include; monitoring food intake, avoid giving them too many treats or snacks & compensate for the reduced walk by playing some fun indoor games.

Plan ahead of Autumnal events

Autumn plays host to plenty of events that dogs may find stressful, but you can limit their anxiety's by planning ahead. Read more about keeping your dog safe during Halloween and Bonfire Night by clicking here.

Get Cosy!

Many people look to purchasing a different type of bed for their pet during the autumn and winter. It's time to change from Cool Mats, to Snuggle Blankets, and Scruffs® has a dedicated collection of bedding designed to keep your dog warm and cosy during the colder nights and days. We would recommend an Ellen Donut Bed or a Wilton Box Bed as our go-to choices for this time of the year. Both products feature a quilted outer fabric and high-sided walls to prevent draughts. Click on the respective product names for further information.

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