Scruffs® Expands Digital Advertising to Domestic & International Partners

Scruffs® Expands Digital Advertising to Domestic & International Partners

Manchester-based pet bedding and accessory specialists Scruffs® are working with several domestic and international partners to drive brand awareness and traffic to online retail.

Scruffs® has been working on expanding its digital growth to several international partners over the previous months.

With the increase in online traffic due to COVID-19 pandemic, Scruffs® has been turning to social media influencers, and online advertising in several markets to boost brand awareness and traffic.

Scruffs® has been working alongside its partners in the USA, Australia and South Africa to drive retailer growth and brand awareness in overseas markets.
As well as this, the brand has been working alongside key retailers in the UK to drive domestic growth during this period.

In the UK, the concept has been well received and Scruffs® has reported up to a 47% increase of sales across retailers and its own e-commerce site.

A spokesperson for Scruffs® said: “We’re thrilled to report that our social media marketing efforts are translating into additional sales and brand awareness with key retailers. We are looking to continue this growth with other partners as we enter the busy trading period and in the run-up to Christmas.”

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