The Best Ways to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

On-the-spot Treatments

Using an over-the-counter medication from a vet, pet store or online shop can be an effective way of monitoring ticks and fleas on pets. Medications such as these can prevent parasites for up to one month. As always, please make sure labels are read carefully and the correct advice sourced before using any medications or treatments.

Oral Medications

Pills for dogs are easily accessible, and taken on a monthly basis, can work to disrupt the life cycle of ticks. They are easy to give and you will not have to be concerned about small children and/or cats coming into contact with dogs immediately after application, as you may do with on-the-spot treatments.


Using a shampoo with medicated ingredients with generally kill ticks on contact. This can be a relatively cheap way of protecting your dog during the height of tick season. This will need to be repeated every fortnight, as the effects of the treatment will not last as long as on-the-spot or oral medication.

Insect-repellent products

Scruffs® Insect Shield® products are designed to effectively protect your dog against all types of parasites, including; Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Flies & Ants. The active ingredient in Insect Shield® called Permethrin, is a synthetic variant of an insect-repellent substance that occurs naturally in certain chrysanthemum plants. The Permethrin is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibers that it retains effectiveness through the life of the product.

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