The Highland Box Bed Review, from

The Highland Box Bed Review, from

We recently sent our friends over at Jug Dog a brand new Scruffs Highland Box Bed to review, as part of their Best Dog Beds annual compilation.

Here's what they had to say about one of our best-selling products:

"In terms of comfort though the Scruffs highland dog bed really has shone."

"Our dog is a dog who loves a comfy spot.

Give him a fraction of a chance and he will jump up on the sofa and make himself comfortable.

His perfect evening consists of curling up on the sofa with us and a good film. So it came as a big surprise to us when, at 8:30pm on the first evening he had the new bed, he was nowhere to be seen in the lounge.

The Highland Box Bed Review, from Highland Box Bed Review, from

Rufus enjoying his new Scruffs Highland Box Bed. Image from All rights reserved.

It didn’t take long for us to find him in the kitchen sprawled on his Scruffs bed, it was far more comfortable than our sofa so he had decided that staying there was preferential.

On another occasion for some reason (I think we were about to do some hoovering) we put the bed on top of his cage. I left the room for a few minutes and came back to find him sat in his bed on top of his cage exactly like the famous Beagle Snoopy!

Since then Rufus has also developed a new habit, he’s a social dog who likes to be with people, he also loves the Scruffs bed, so instead of spending every evening on his own in the kitchen in his comfy new bed he has developed a new strategy.

He pulls the entire bed out of his cage, out of the kitchen, down the hallway and into the lounge before proudly depositing it on the middle of the rug. He then climbs into it and enjoys both our company and the comfort of his bed at the same time.

Clearly he loves it.

He’s never done this before with any of the other four or five beds he’s been through in the short nine months that he’s been living with us.

I’m sure Rufus would rate this bed as being high quality 5 star product."

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