The Ultimate Dog Bedding Guide

The Ultimate Dog Bedding Guide

Selecting a new bed for your pet is one of the more important, and difficult decisions you'll have to make.

How do I choose the right bed for your faithful companion?

As owners, it is important to remember that our dogs get the much needed downtime which they need, by ensuring they have a comfortable space to snooze without interruptions. 

What type of bed should I get?

Nowadays, dog beds are available in many different shapes and sizes. Soft-walled or oval beds are ideal for when your dog wants to curl up, whereas a mattress or pillow bed can be good for lying flat. Each dog will have a different preference, but it is important to provide them with variety to ensure they will always be comfortable. 

Where's the best place to put the bed?

The bed should be placed in a warm and draught-free setting. It might be better to place one bed in a quieter part of the house where your dog can rest undisturbed, and another bed in a room where the family spends time so they can be in your company whilst relaxing or sleeping.

Other information to consider:

  • Older dogs or dogs with aches and pains may benefit from the added comfort of a memory foam bed, which will provide additional support and comfort.
  • If your dog is nervous, then an "igloo" style bed may be the most beneficial so they can hideaway in comfort.
  • Have multiple dogs? To prevent any unnecessary competition, you will need to have a minimum of one bed per dog. However, if your dogs enjoy snuggling up to each other then it might be more beneficial to get an additional bed which is large enough to accomodate them all. 

Below, we've included different types of Scruffs® beds which are designed with "added functions", such as memory foam, water-resistant and insect-repelling properties.

Different types of beds for older & arthritic dogs:

The Scruffs® Memory Foam collection of bedding is designed using a dense memory foam crumb fill, providing optimum comfort and support. 

Scruffs® designs memory foam products in several different styles to suit different functions and seasons. For example, the Scruffs® Hilton Mattress is designed with a thinner, chenille cover which is ideal for the summer months. The Scruffs® Chateau Collection is designed using a thicker, fleece-like outer cover, ideal for the cooler autumn & winter months. All Scruffs® memory foam products are interchangable, meaning your dog can enjoy the Hilton style cover during the summer, and the Chateau during the winter.

Beds with different functions and benefits: 

Scruffs® manufactures various types of beds, in all different styles, shapes and colours. Beds with additional functions and benefits to dogs include, the Scruffs® Thermal Collection & the Scruffs® Insect Shield Collection of bedding and accessories. 

Click below to find out more information about Scruffs® beds which have additional functions and benefits.

Information in this article provided by Scruffs® & the RSPCA. Please click on the respective name for the full article. 

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