The Ultimate Guide to Keeping your Dog Warm this Winter

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping your Dog Warm this Winter

Like their owners, pets are susceptible to hypothermia during the winter months. Even dogs with thicker coats can still feel chilly during the cold season. 

Taking small steps can help protect your dog from the cold and help keep them warm and safe.

Reduce outdoor time

A thick coat does not protect all body parts, and dogs should not be outside for huge periods of time during the winer. K.C. Theisen, director of pet care issues at the Humane Society of the United States says: "Never leaves dogs outside unattended for any length of time. Only take them outside if they're going to be active and exercise." 

Dress dogs warmly

Smaller dogs and dogs with short hair will need extra assistance when there is a wind chill. Older dogs will also may find it difficult to control their body heat. 

It's also recommended to increase protein and fat in your dog's diet, to health keep their coat healthy during the winter.

The Scruffs Quilted Thermal Jackets will help to protect your dogs' muscles during those brisk morning walks. The addition of a Thermal Blanket or Thermal Mattress will help your four-legged friend maintain their warmth after a walk.

Keep paws clean

Ice, salt and snow can build up on your dogs feet and make it uncomfortable for them to walk. Chemicals such as antifreeze and de-icer can be ingested if a dog walks over them and then subsequently licks their paws. Ensure that paws are wiped down when dogs return from any walks and trim hair between toes to prevent ice buildup.

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