Top 5 Reasons Why a Scruffs Bed Gets a "Paws Up" from The Dog Vine

Top 5 Reasons Why a Scruffs Bed Gets a "Paws Up" from The Dog Vine

London-based lifestyle blog, "The Dog Vine" have recently shared their Reasons why it's a paws up for the Scruffs Orthopaedic Dog Bed review. We've picked out the top reasons below:

#1 The dogs love it: The number reason why we can give a paws up for the Chateau Box Bed is that the dogs LOVE it. They will always choose the Scruffs bed over the other dog bed in the lounge, which is not so shabby as the other bed is a Casper dog bed. Dogs may not be able to speak but in this case actions definitely speak louder than words even if they could.

#2 Practical for pups (and people): From a human perspective, I have learnt that being a dog mum means practical products are worth every penny. For me, that means a dog bed HAS to have a washable cover and this one does. Both the inner and outer covers come off and can be washed on a 30-degree gentle wash. The only things that can’t be washed are the side bolsters (which can be wiped down) and inner mattress but that’s in a water-resistant cover anyway (more on that in a moment).

#3 Keeps water (and other liquids) out: Another thing that attracted me to the Chateau Box Bed was the water-resistant liner. Moleque has IBS so often regurgitates his food (lovely I know) and of course, he prefers to do this on soft furnishings i.e. one of the dog beds or if he wants to really give me a special treat, the sofa. So having a dog bed that is not only washable but water resistant was a big selling point from my perspective. The inner cushion is the water-resistant part of this bed thanks to the cover and so far it has withstood everything Moleque has thrown at it (literally). The water-resistant cover doesn’t make a noise either which is good as we’ve had beds in the past which have done so and I’ve found that the dogs are not fans of complimentary sound effects with their bed.

#4 It’s good for older dogs: The bed consists of a memory foam fill both for the main bed cushion and the side bolsters and the dogs look very comfortable and supported when lying on it. I also had a try of the bed and it felt very comfortable. The bolsters not only give somewhere for the dogs to rest their heads (and keep one eye on what’s going on) but help them feel safe in their beds (apparently that’s a fact).


#5 Doggy durable: We’ve had our bed for a couple of months now and it’s endured several Moleque ‘post-dinner specials’ with the covers being washed as well as lots of muddy paws and is as good as new. One thing I will say is that when we first got the bed, the cushion didn’t seem to settle into the bed but after some wearing in that’s gone away. I would recommend shaking the cushion and turning it regularly for the first few weeks as well as taking out and repositioning the side bolsters if need be to sort this out.

For the full review, please click here to visit The Dog Vine.

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