Product Review from Shih Tzu Expert: Habitat Felt Bed by Scruffs

Product Review from Shih Tzu Expert: Habitat Felt Bed by Scruffs

The Habitat Felt Bed by Scruffs is a great bed for Shih tzus and may be the perfect bed for your pet! It is a luxurious dog bed that will allow your Shih tzu to have the same royal treatment as his/her ancestors! The Habitat Felt Bed is specifically designed for small dogs or cats. The outer portion of the bed is made from a felt fabric in a lattice design. The felt fabric on the outside is not only soft and appealing, but it is also sturdy to create the barrier design of the bed. The inner bed has a removable cushion that is made from a soft faux fur. The design of the bed will give your Shih tzu the comfort and security he/she desires. It is perfect for pets who like to curl up in their sleep and desire their own territory. The unique felt barrier design will help them feel protected in their sleep by surrounding them. The Habitat Felt Bed is luxurious, but it is simple to clean. The inner cushion is removable and machine washable. If you are looking to treat your Shih tzu like royalty, this is the bed to purchase!

This bed is designed with luxury and comfort in mind. This bed may be more difficult to be used by older dogs who suffer from joint pain or arthritis. The cushion is made from a soft faux fur; this may be comfortable, but it might not necessarily provide the support that your dog needs. There are some beds that are designed with orthopedic memory foam that are specifically made for pets with joint pain and/or arthritis. Additionally, the outer part of the bed may make it difficult for some dogs to get in and out of. Ideally this bed is for young and middle-aged dogs. Scruffs is one of Europe’s leading brands for dog bedding and they offer an assortment of other luxurious dog beds in case this design is not ideal for your pet. Scruffs also offers a variety of sizes for beds and has a convenient size chart to ensure that you pick the right one Scruffs’ innovative design, high end fabrics, and selection in pet beds helps them stand out amongst their competition.

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