What is #FinnsLaw & Why Is It Important?

"We believe our service animals fulfill such an important role in supporting society that they deserve to be protected from harm. It is our aim to change the law to give them that protection."

A snippet taken from the #FinnsLaw website, which has a much deeper contextual meaning than you may think.

From Saturday 8th June this year, the government announced that it is now a criminal offence to injure a police dog or horse. This is all down and thanks to PC Dave Wardell and his dog Finn.

Dave has been campaigning for 'Finns Law', as it's known, to be introduced since his faithful companion was stabbed in the chest, whilst trying to protect him back in October 2016. 

As per the Finns Law website: "On 5th October 2016, Police Dog Finn was viciously stabbed on duty with a 10 inch hunting knife while detaining a robbery suspect.

"Although Finn had sustained life threatening injuries from the first attack, he bravely dived in front of the second thrust, aimed directly for PC Dave Wardell, his handler and dad.

"Finn saved his dad's life. However, the second slash with the knife caused another horrific wound to his head. Finn was bleeding profusely.

"Finn survived, just.

Following Dave & Finn's appearances on Britains Got Talent (BGT), awareness of Finns story has been spread far and wide, and even as far as the Royal Family.

It is reported that The Queen actually signed off on the Finns Law bill after hearing about the story on the popular TV talent show.

Dave confirmed this news during the BGT final at the end of May 2019, saying: "After our first audition aired the Queen stayed up late one night and she signed off on Finn's Law. So on June 8, Finn's Law becomes a law."

The next step for Dave and Finn is to now introduce a second part to Finn's Law (#FinnsLawPart2), which is to increase sentencing on ALL animal welfare cases

You can get involved with this by sending a message to your MP, and DEFRA, which is the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs.

We send our praise and support to Dave & Finn, and hope the second stage of Finn's Law isn't too far away.

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