Why Choose A Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Shopping for a new bed for your four-legged friend can be a tiresome task, not made any simpler with the sheer variety available in the marketplace.

Focusing on memory foam specifically, products designed with this NASA-approved technology support your pets' body to responding to their shape and weight. This, in turn, minimises pressure points and aids with circulation.

Memory Foam

At Scruffs®, we use a dense crumb memory foam fill in almost all of our memory foam products. The benefit of using a crumb fill instead of a block fill is the additional level of support and comfort it provides to your dog. 

The dense crumbs mold much better to your dogs shape, thus essentially creating a custom mattress for them to dose and relax. 

Scruffs® memory foam products can be found in different sizes and styles, under the following names:

Scruffs® Chateau is one of our most popular box beds from our Orthopedic dog bed collection.

Scruffs® Expedition Dog Bed is waterproof, so it's ideal for outdoor use, camping holidays and older dogs that are prone to accidents. It's the best orthopedic dog bed if you and your furry friend love outdoor pursuits such as beach walking and muddy forest trails. It's available in 4 colours too! 

Scruffs® Hilton Dog Mattress is made from memory foam for comfort and support for your furry friend. The large dog mattress relieves aching joints for older pets. However, it's also popular with large dogs that love comfort.

ArmourDillo is one the most unchewable dog beds on the market! It's also a comfy orthopedic dog mattress to provide comfort and support for your doggy.

Find out which bed is perfect for your pooch with our new dog bed selector

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